Furanxo. Ultramarinos y Aperitivos

Fontana de Boschi, Vittorio Graziano

Producer: Vittorio Graziano
Region: Emilia Romagna, Italy
Vintage: 2017
GrapesLambrusco Grasparossa
Style: Red Sparkling
Size: 75cl bottle
ABV: 12.5%

"Decidedly old-school Lambrusco; truly authentic. Rugged, grippy tannins, dank fruits and cutting acidity."

Vittorio has 5 hectares near Modena that he has planted with some of Emilia’s traditional varieties grown from cuttings taken from old vineyards. He does not know the names of most of these! He works with very low yields and has been organic since the early 80’s. His fellow winemakers speak about him with great reverence because of his single-mindedness in reintroducing almost forgotten grapes and vinifying them in the most traditional way.