Furanxo. Ultramarinos y Aperitivos

Es D'Aqui Cinsauriel 2019

Winemaker: Es d’Aqui (Limoux)

Region: Languedoc, France

Grapes: Cinsault

Jean-Louis Pinto is a micro-negociant based near Limoux who works out of a small cellar beneath his family home. A longtime friend of Anthony Tortul of La Sorga, he shares Anthony’s commitment to only work with fruit from organic and biodynamic vineyards and similarly, his work in the cellar is minimal, with no sulphur added to any of the cuvées. There’s not one set of rules that can be applied year-on-year to the wines that come out of the Es d’Aqui cellar, but we can safely say that Jean-Louis has a great palate and values freshness, interest and drinkability. His gentle touch results in some of the most arresting wines we have tasted in a long while.