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MURI Yamile

MURI Yamile

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Producer: Miru
Region:  Copenhagen

Ingredients Carbonic Raspberries, Gooseberry, Honey, Smoked Lacto-fermented Rhubarb, Goldenrod, Angelica Root, Pink Peppercorn Kefir
ABV 0.4%
Carbonic Raspberries, Gooseberries and honey are inoculated with the carefully selected yeast Pichia Kluyveri creating a mead. This is blend with Lacto-fermented Rhubarb, Angelica Root and Pink Peppercorn Kefir.
Note A lovely sparkling rosé with notes of candied red cherry, smoked redcurrant, vanilla and dried rose petal. An interesting combination between sweet red fruit and smoky undertones in a round juicy palate.

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Sourced from Spain, sliced in London

At Furanxo, all of our Jamon and Charcurterie is sourced directly from Spain and hand-sliced here in London. We have a selection of Iberico Bellota, Morcilla, Chorizo, Salchicchon, Cebo & Lomo, as well as Serrano Ham.